#3 First love

So what’s the bad thing: feelings don’t last for a long time.
And now what’s the good thing: feelings don’t last for a long time.

We have all been through the good and the bad phases of life. We immensely enjoyed the good ones while barely survived through the bad ones.

The last three months have been the most trying phase of my life. I fell in love for the first time and then had my first heartbreak. And trust me, the worst part is that first love is the most painful lesson we will ever have to endure. So if you have survived this you can survive almost anything.

I enjoyed being with him. Enjoyed every moment with him but now that he’s gone I’m lost. I can barely survive through these days. The worst part is that I showed each and every scare of mine to him only to be refused.

It’s been exactly three months since our breakup. He’s out there with another girl while I’m here clutching on to those memories. I see him everyday and my heart dies a bit every single time.

I don’t even remember the person I was before having a heartbreak. And I miss my old self so much. Every day I wake up hoping things would turn better but no, they don’t.

When is it that I will stop surviving and start living??

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Maybe you deserved better,
Maybe I couldn’t live upto your expectations,
Or maybe, just maybe,
You weren’t worth the effort I had put in.

-Ria Katiyar


You were like a storm,
That ignited a fire within me.
But now that you have left,
That debris has become a part of me.

-Ria Katiyar